The Western Football League is a football league in South West England, covering Bristol, Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Western Dorset, parts of Gloucestershire and Wiltshire

Recent restructuring of the English football league system has placed the two divisions, known as the Premier Division and Division One (each a maximum of twenty-two clubs) at the ninth and tenth tiers overall, known as Step 5 and Step 6 of the National League System

The Champion club may apply for promotion to a Step 4 league, which in practice will almost certainly be the Southern League Division One South and West

Below the Western League are four local leagues covering smaller areas, the Gloucestershire County League, the Somerset County League, the Dorset Premier League and the Wiltshire League

 The South West Peninsula League Premier Division is also a feeder to the Western League but due to having Step 6 status (the same level as the Western League Division One), it feeds directly into the Western League Premier Division

The League played it's first season in 1892-93 but it wasn't until 1974-75 before Falmouth Town became the first Cornish club to join the Western League. Since then sides like Saltash United, Liskeard Athletic have joined the Western League but like Falmouth re-joined the South Western League due to financial woes

The FA is determined that Cornish Clubs re-join the Western League hence the formation of the South West Pensula League and the future threat that one or two Cornish sides will be automatically promoted into the Western League unless they have a really good excuse not too. Failure to accept promotion without reasonable excuse will mean the club will be automatically relegated from the SWPL

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